Atmos Vicod 5G review

The Atmos Vicod 5G (v2) is considered by many to be the vital vaporizer for both beginners and intermediates. What we love most about it, is its ability to produce a huge amount of vapor with very short and small, less than five seconds draws. It has an extended mouthpiece which allows for ease and comfort while drawing your vape in. Another quality about this vaporizer is the smoothness of the vape that comes through it without. There’s a slight draw resistance with almost all vaporizers but you barely notice it with this vaporizer. Also, keep in mind that people take in their draws differently. I love how the way in which it is designed, small and straight to the point. The interface is made for even the simplest minded person all the while providing nearly exact range in regards to the temperature. Atmos has definitely designed some of the best vaporizers that have been tested by our staff and it’s no secret that the new Vicod lives up to the reputation of the brand.
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