Best Dry Herb Vaporizer Of 2017

Choosing The Best Vaporizer

When you look at buying a dry herb vaporizer there are many factors you have to consider. These factors will help you determine which vaporizer is best for your needs.

Desktop Or Portable

The first factor you have to consider is whether you need a best portable vaporizer or a desktop vaporizer. If you are going to use the best vaporizer on the go then the decision is easy, but if you are looking online at home use then it becomes harder. While it is possible to use a portable vaporizer in the home they do not offer the same functionality as the desktop versions.

A portable vaporizer has a smaller chamber and shorter battery life which means you need to charge and refill it more often. If you are looking for longer sessions with the vaporizer then a desktop version is ideal as they have larger chambers and offer a variety of intake methods.

The Heating Method

Many people do not realize that there are 2 different methods used to heat the dry herbs. The one of through conduction where heat is transferred through direct contact and the other is through convection where the heat is transferred through air particles. Convection is the better method for dry herbs as the herbs and heating element never touch. However, convection vaporizers are usually more expensive as this heating method is harder to achieve.

The most common portable vaporizers will work with conduction heating while many desktop vaporizers use convection. The largest problem with conduction vaporizers is that the dry herbs have the chance of burning while you use the device. Conduction could also result in uneven heating and you will have to shake the herbs periodically.

Do You Have Temperature Control?

Different herbs need to be heated at different temperatures and you need to consider this if you will be changing what you use. Some vaporizers will allow you to set the temperature they work at while others automatically control the temperature. The vaporizers that allow you to change the temperature come in three different types.

The first is with a range of pre-set temperatures you can choose from. The second comes with an adjustable dial to vary the temperatures. The last has a digital display that tells you the temperature and lets you adjust this.

The vaporizers which automatically adjust the heat will usually work based on your inhalation speed. With these devices, you will eventually learn how to inhale to ensure a consistent temperature. Of course, while having the ability to control temperature is good, it is not essential to finding the best vaporizer.

The Power Source

How your vaporizer is powered is very important as it affects how easily you can use the device. Desktop vaporizers will generally have a wall adaptor which is consistent across brands. However, the problem comes when you look at portable vaporizers as the battery life can vary drastically.

There are a few portable vaporizers that use butane, but the majority will have rechargeable batteries. While it is hard to determine the battery life based on the type of battery, reviews will be able to tell you which models are the best. When the battery is internal you will also need to ensure that the vaporizer comes with a warranty that covers battery replacement.

The Accessories

The accessories that come with your vaporizer should not be a final deciding point, but they are important. Most vaporizers come with the accessories you need to get you started, but extras can become more expensive later on. The accessories you need to have includes those used for the maintenance and cleaning of your vaporizer.

You will also need to consider the other accessories you might need to use your vaporizer. If you are looking at a desktop version you should ensure that the accessories for the different delivery methods are included. There are fewer accessories necessary for portable vaporizers, but you still need to see what is offered and whether or not you will need to purchase more.

The Cost

The overall cost of the vaporizer will also need to be looked at. Dry herb vaporizers are often more expensive than other vaporizers which use nicotine liquid. Certain desktop devices will also be more expensive than a portable version.